Sunday Worship 11:00

Choir Practice 7 pm
on Wednesdays
Terri Riden, Music Minister


Bostwick UMC
5741 Bostwick Road
POB 257
Bostwick, GA 30623

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About us

Bostwick United Methodist Church is a church in the North Georgia Conference and the Athens - Elberton District.
We are a warm and welcoming congregation, traditional and biblical in worship style, serving all families of our community and beyond.

Pastor Jerry Wolfe is the new pastor who arrived July 2015
Our Church Officers are on a list at the bottom of this page.

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(New people in positions in Bold)


Lay Leader   Muriel Guthrie 

Administrative Board Chair   David Nunn  

Treasurer   Dean Matheson 

Assistant Treasurer   Scott Chamberlain

Secretary   Angela Malcom   

Chair of Trustees   Donny Herron

Staff Parish Relations Chair   Angela Stapleton

Finance Committee Chair   Mel Herron 

Membership Secretary   Kathy Matheson 

Lay Delegate to the Annual Conference   Shelly Chandler  

Alt. Lay Delegate to the Annual Conference   Dean Matheson

Youth Delegate to the Ad. Council   Alex Malone

Sunday School Superintendent   Ray Nunn 

Missions Chair   Muriel Guthrie 

Communion Stewards   Mel and Donny Herron & Sandy and Larry Turner 

Flower Committee Chair   Kathy Matheson 

Outreach Committee   Cindy CraneNancy Nunn, Angela Malcom

Communications Coordinator   Mel Herron, Amber Dyer 


Board of Trustees

Shelly Chandler    2014

Donny Herron (Chair)  2014

Nolan Jenkins   2014

Scott Chamberlain    2015 

Angie Howard    2015

Herschel Speer    2015

John Jenkins    2015

Sue Ellen Verner    2016


Finance Committee

Jack Bramblett    2014

Melanie Herron (Chair)   2014

Larry Turner   2014

Keith Howard   2015

Don Walker   2015

Cindy Crane    2016

Ben Riden Jr.    2016

Sue Vetsch    2016

Members also include:  the Pastor, Lay Member to the Annual Conference, Chair of the Administrative Council, Chair or Representative of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, Representative of the Trustees, the Lay Leader, the Treasurer.


Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Angela Stapleton (Chair)  2014

Thomas Dyer   2014

Lynn Jenkins   2015

Sally Johnson   2015

Sandy Turner   2015

Joanna Timms    2016

Rick Vetsch    2016


Nominations Committee

Stacy Nabors    2014

Angela Malcom   2014

Kathy Matheson   2015

Ray Nunn   2015

Terri Riden   2015

Georgeana Tamplin   2015

Ray Stapleton    2016

Lynn Walker    2016



Supplemental Committees


Vacation Bible School Team                                            Grounds Committee

Muriel Guthrie                                                                     John Jenkins (Chair)

Nancy Nunn                                                                        Bill Walker

Mel Herron                                                                         Anne Walker


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